Discription of Films

Beijing Bicycle
Wang Xiaoshuai, 2001
Tuesday September 21st, The Cinema Theater on Clinton; 7:30pm

A story not unlike the Italian Neorealist classic by Vittore de Sica, The Bicycle Thief
Like it's namesake, this film is an excellent record of youth, class struggles, poverties,
rural migration and other confusions Beijing faces.

Quitting [aka ʻYesterdayʼ]
Zhang Yang, 2001
Tuesday September 28th, The Cinema Theater on Clinton; 7:30pm


The filmʼs protagonist, Jia Hongshen was the leading actor of many early low-budget
Sixth Generation films. This autobiographic effort exposed the life of a subculture figure
living through the 1990s, showing a daring touch on drug use, homosexuality and
psychotic behavior.

Summer Palace
Lou Ye, 2007
Monday October 4th, The Cinema Theater on Clinton; 7:30pm

This highly controversial film was hampered in production for many years and was
banned in mainland China after its release. The film takes place in 1989 and passes
through the two major events of the year —the “Tianʼanmen Square” and the falling of
the Berlin Wall. Lou is perhaps the most outspokenly dissident filmmaker among the
group and this film portrays the symbolic collision within contemporary China.

Lost in Beijing
Li Yu, 2008
Thursday October 7th, Visual Studies Workshop; 7:30pm

Li Yu is one of the few female Chinese directors in the Sixth Generation group. Lost in
Beijing is a dark comedy focusing on working class Beijing life that may be the most
current portrait of China just before the Olympic Games. The film was widely released in
China and was a rare case of a commercial film gaining critical praise.